Fan Meets Justin Timberlake In Toronto

A fan on the forum at was able to meet while the singer was in Toronto. nickscdngirl writes, “Ok so I am at JT’s hotel and I see a van and no sign of anyone – about 20mins had passed by and I see Justin’s mom and I ask her about Justin (me and about 8 other fans) and she told me Justin would be coming out shortly. Another 10 minutes rolls around and his dancers come out into the van and Lynn had commented about the lack of fans and told us about the other 2 days where he was getting mobbed and hasn’t been able to sign or nothin – so I was hoping no more fans would show up – it seemed like forever but Justin finally came out and these girls went up to him first (they were there for 3 days waiting too see him) and I went up to Justin and asked for his autograph and he signed this picture for me and then I asked for a HUG (and well read my signature) lol and I got a picture with him – it was all very fast – but there was only 8 of us there! I was very happy!” Her signature says,
“In Justin Timberlake’s arms getting a big hug!”

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9 thoughts on “Fan Meets Justin Timberlake In Toronto

  1. Stallion says:

    Good for her. I bet you if more people approach Justin in a nice calm way than he will have more time to sign autograph instead of the security Guard having to move him away because of the crazy fans that will chase him down.

  2. popnicklover says:

    LOL, only eight fans showed up?! LOL, that’s hilarious, especially at the fact that Lynn complained about the lack of fans and how long it took Justin to get out and meet his decreasing amount of fans.

  3. justincaseyestwo says:

    You know something, Stallion???? There are times when I have thought that you may have gone just a LITTLE too far in some of your posts. But I’ll be damned if I am starting to agree with you WHOLEHEARTEDLY in some of the things that you say. Give it to them good. I’m right behind you. Thanks.

  4. shayne says:

    that’s cool, but I noticed on the other post she mentioned that she spent a ton of money on tickets to the concert and backstage/vip passes. I am more interested in that. how do people get these kind of passes? the only way I know of is by winning them(ie radio), having connections, like friend working for the record company, or whoring yourself to the right people..

  5. jrtjustified81 says:

    I’d like to know who wrote this story.. I think you’d enjoy talking to me more on a basic level, instead of the autograph. ~Justin

  6. justincaseyestwo says:

    To jrtjustified81, just who the hell do you think you are pretending to be Justin?? Do you honestly believe that ANYBODY here is going to believe you? Grow up, idiot. If you have gotten to the point that you have to start pretending like this you might want to consider some serious counseling.

  7. nickscanadiangirl says:

    Hey this is ME!!! I’m the one that met Justin and posted this on LD lol

    I think only 8 fans were there cos it was 40mins before the show started & they were probably all at the show (I should know cos this is ME)

    I bought the 1st 2 tickets thru ticket master & the Buffalo show I bought thru for a charity thing It was so worth the $620USA

  8. justins_honduran_honey says:

    your so lucky! this is really sad, but 1 of my goals in life is to meet all of NSYNC or at least Justin. I’m glad you had a good encounter with him congrats! :) now all I gotta do is figure out how I can meet him haha

  9. Diablo27 says:

    You lucky son of a b*tch. lol j/k damn I would give anything to meet him, he seems so nice and so down to earth and so normal. That’s why I love him. lol

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