Fan Meets Nick Carter After Craig Kilborn Performance

A fan on the forum at shared her experience meeting Nick Carter following his appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. nicksstingray and a pal followed the singer to a hotel, and when he emerged, she wrote, “At about 7:30 PM he appears! He is walking with a date out the front door. LeAnne looks at me and says ‘now or never’ Chris. I cannot move, I am frozen. I am like ‘oh he is with a date, cannot impose.’ And she is like come on.
So we walk slowly outside, and he is waiting for for the valet to bring his car up. We walk right by him and stand on the other side, like we were waiting for our car! HA!
LeAnne by this time is like ‘Chris this is your chance, come on.’ Finally I move two feet and I am standing right behind Nick and his date!! I am like oh my god, I better say something. So all of a sudden, out comes this calm voice…
‘Hi Nick.’ I extend my hand.. He is like ‘Hi’ and extends his hand, and I say, ‘I just wanted to meet you and tell you what a great CD you have done, and the shows were great.'”

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