Fan Meets Nick Carter At Miami Diner

A poster at Oh No The Didn’t checked in after an encounter with a star. “So last night i ran in to Nick Carter,” starstarstar writes. “In Miami at a local diner. He was nice for the most part. A little pompous. His friends were worse than he was… Acting like hot sh** and yelling at one of the bartenders. He was surprisingly talkative. Told me and two other girls to pull up chairs.” Read more, including a photo and alleged comments regarding drug usage, here.

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6 thoughts on “Fan Meets Nick Carter At Miami Diner

  1. galleta says:

    Why are entertainers considered pompous when they put up with people bugging them during their time out with friends while eating, maybe Nick and friends didn’t want to be bothered while eating…fans really need to leave these people alone when they are in restaurants.

  2. Lava33 says:

    Nick does seem like a pompous @$$…but the article describes Nick as a “Backstreet Boys Star” lol, please! Nick Carter is not relevant anymore (not like he ever was a big star though). Pretty soon I’m sure we will be seeing Nick on VH1’s “Surreal Life” or maybe he can get a show like Kathy Griffin’s “My life on the D-List” so all hope isn’t lost for him yet.

  3. champagne_dancer says:

    It’s rude for the patrons to bother the guy sweeping the floor…Nick was just trying’, ‘to do his job. How did he look in his paper hat?

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I’ve NEVER had a bad encounter with Nick…he’s NEVER been pompous or arrogant to me!!’, ‘He’s the sweetest, kindest, most gentle person around!

  5. galleta says:

    me either and I’ve met him 5 times, difference is I never approach him and his group’, ‘until they are outside, and each and every time Nick is very gracious and willing to talk or take pictures.

  6. toomanyemotions says:

    oh please, have you ever met the guy? I guess that means selling 75 million albums, dating Paris Hilton, a solo record (which I’ll admit, wasn’t too hot), staring in movies and TV roles with a reality show coming out soon, another album and movie roles as well as working to create a record company makes him as his been when he’s here now, right?

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