Fan Meets Tatu After TRL Performance

A fan on t.A.T.u.’s official forum shared her experience meeting the girls after their performance on MTV’s Total Request Live earlier today — though she had to chase them to get a response.

Enriquefan02 posted, “Finally at one of the red lights I started crying and the lady told them to stop… but they kept going to the next red light and Lena opens the door and comes out! She comes out and immediately I have an attack and she asks, ‘Who has a pen?’ I was like ‘me!!!’ and she took it and began signing for both Yulia and Lena. She looked gorgeous and I filmed everything and I got my Mixer magazine signed. I showed her my shirt and she went ‘Wow’ and smiled. Then I asked her [if] she was going to tour and she said, ‘No no not yet’. The whole time their were people recording us form inside their van, even outside TRL and by the window! I’m definitely coming out!! LOL, anyway and got my head in her way and took a pic without her noticing lol. I thought she didn’t know English? She spoke it perfectly… she goes ‘Ok guys we really have to go now.. we’re going to another show. Thank you’ and everyone was yelling their farewells ‘thank you’, ‘your awesome’ ‘we love you’ ‘tatu rules’… The whole time everyone in the car was smiling and so happy we ran after them.”

Tatu, O-Town & On Talk Television

March 3, 2003 – Pop acts on talk television this week include t.A.T.u., who continue their TV blitz on Total Request Live, no doubt set to cause cameramen and MTV censors headaches — not to mention hosts with their monosyllabic responses. Also on Monday, will be on Live with Regis and Kelly (guest co-host Jane Krakowski). On Thursday, Jack and Kelly Osbourne will be on Last Call with Carson Daly.

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