Fan Report: Mariah Carey In China

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The following detailed review of was written by a Chinese fan – xuyudaniel:

“Mariah has arrived in Shanghai, China yesterday afternoon, around 5:00 p.m (local time).

Nearly hundreds of fans waited to see her at the Pudong International Airports yesterday. They held the posts, flowers and sang for her.

It was really overwhelming. After a night break, Mariah has attended the concert express launching meeting this afternoon. She also had a very short interview with a famous Shanghai local TV program. The hostess of that show asked Mariah several question and she gave the following short answers;

The first question was – “Why did you pick Shanghai as one of the legs in your Charmbracelet Tour?”

Mariah answered she was looking forward to holding a concert in Shanghai, China for a long time. She really appreciated the fans greeting her in the airport and was so grateful for all they have done for her.

The second question was “What’s your previous image of Shanghai, even on China?”

Mariah answered she didn’t have a vivid image on that. But she has kept in touch with the Chinese fans through a lot of letters and mails, who have invited her to China always.

At last , the hostess asked Mariah to say hello to the audience and say the program title both in English and in Chinese. And she did that.

The hostess said Mariah looked just like a barbie doll and has given Mariah a Chinese traditional gift , which is in a shape of a butterfly.

Mariah promised she would not change her concert unless the weather condition goes too bad and said she would wear some Chinese traditional clothes on this concert, including Qi Pao (Chinese long skirt) and Du Dou (Chinese bra).

Universal record company has promised to hold the “Meet and Greets” for the Chinese fans after the Wednesday concert.”

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6 thoughts on “Fan Report: Mariah Carey In China

  1. mikemc says:

    Actually, reports from Shanghai are say that HUNDREDS of fans were waiting for Mariah outside the airport!!!! Go to for the pics!!!! She is the best!

  2. Madfan says:

    Using Lambs Arithmetic, “hundreds” is equivalent to 10 in normal count

  3. Crusader says:

    Look at the PICTURES you retard!!!! Denial eats away at the soul LOSER!

  4. SJ says:

    Madfan… Your the stupid ass who wrote an apology to Britney Spears… lol at you!

  5. niceg says:

    Notice that the headline is not made by press or any international news. It’s just title “FAN report” which leads us to believe that this crap is all bull and bias. Looks like the lamb-hos are desperate enough to pretend to be reporters because the real journalists have much better use their time for some bigger news and concentrate on Bennifer or Madonna/ Britney. Poor Mariah… her news are worthless now.

  6. Crusader says:

    You must be thinking of a different Mariah cause facts are she is success, and you? a jealous pathetic hater, how sad.

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