Fan Report Of Howie D. At Miss Illinois Pageant

Contributed by alwaysbsb:

He was at the Miss Illnois Pageant on Wednesday love, June 26th. Here is a person over at the MFC’s account on the event:

He came on stage part of the way through and talked about the Lupus Foundation and the new “Teen Leadership Program” he is doing with the Miss Illinois Pageant. The host asked him about BSB and he said what we have already heard, how they are doing a lot of writing now and recording and the album should be out hopefully before the end of the
year. Then he left and I thought, that can’t be it, or can it?

But it wasn’t. At intermission when my friend and I went out into the lobby there was a sort of line formed at this doorway so I figured he was probably going to come out for a bit and sign autographs so we waited there too. He did come out and signed autographs and took pictures with people. I stood back and let the younger kids meet him first because I have met him before. I hoped to get in there eventually though because I still don’t have a picture with him and I just wanted to say hello and thank you to him for everything he and the Boys have done for my life. I didn’t get that chance because they cut off the autograph signing and he went backstage again. That’s okay, I’ll have another chance. I did take pictures of him and as soon as I get a chance to finish the film and get it developed I will post pictures if someone else hasn’t already. He was really wonderful and I did make eye contact at one point. He was doing a lot of winking too.

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