Fan Site Allegedly Hijacked Over Pop Hopeful Battle

The battle between Raven Davis official fan site operator Ericka and Ruben from, who is pushing the teen singing hopeful as the woman behind ‘The Untitled Wobx Project – The creation of a Superstar’, took a new turn as Ericka’s fan site was shut down.

Ericka wrote on “Now, after writing all of this, I’ve came online and seen some more posts only to notice my site isn’t working. Ruben did threaten to shut it down previously, but now I guess I’ll have to explain this too. My best friend purchased the domain for me since I didn’t have a credit card and was supposed to transfer me to the details. Every time we went to do this we’d forget. So he still had admin access to the domain. Plus, I still need to send him a check for purchasing it for me. Well, Ruben apparently came to him with a couple hundred-thousands of dollars for access to the site. Raven told me this. It’s like, Ruben paid him off to sell me out. And that’s bull****. He not only made my friend betray his friendship to me for money, but did it behind my back. The domain is MINE. I own it and all of the material. Everything on that site was given to me by Raven herself. And I’m so fed up with reading how some of you are against me, drama queen, whatever. No, you’re wrong there. I’m just standing up to Ruben like everyone else won’t.”

The petition has since been removed from

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