Fans Fluster Mel B At The Vagina Monologues

The Mirror reports former Spice Girl Mel B was harassed by fans while on tour in The Vagina Monologues. Mel was on stage last week when a couple of fans in the front row started singing songs at the top of their lungs. A witness revealed, “All Mel could hear were these two girls singing Spice Girls songs. At first she was OK about it, but eventually she started botching her lines and decided to get the pair moved to the back of the theater. Thankfully, without the girls annoying her, Mel’s second half performance improved.”

Mel B Trying To Re-Form The

24, 2002 – The Sun reports Mel B is making a desperate attempt to re-form the Spice Girls. She headed off to the U.S. on Monday to talk to Mel C about reviving the group… including Geri Halliwell. After her final night in West End play The Vagina Monologues on Saturday, she told pals, “I’m off to America to see Mel C. The band ARE still together.” A source revealed, “It’s all very ironic. Mel was the one who originally engineered the band’s split to go solo, but she has had some financial worries recently. Now she wants Geri to get back for some live dates. It seems to hinge on whether Mel C’s solo career can work.”

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    Yay spice girls! hehe i love the spice girls! spice world is my favorite movie lol I’m am so not even joking either!

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