Fans Just Want To Cry After Justin & Christina Cancellation

The Press of Atlantic City spoke with heartbroken fans after the Justified and Stripped tour stop at Boardwalk Hall on Saturday was cancelled due to a structural accident earlier in the day. 18-year-old Amanda Camerino, who drove six hours to see *NSYNC star remarked, “I just wanted to cry. What else could you do? What else could you say after driving six hours? We’re really disappointed.” Trump Vice-President of Entertainment Steve Gietka said, “We are extremely disappointed this evening’s performance did not take place. It would have been very successful for all parties involved.” He added that he is unsure of the status of a possible return of the tour featuring Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, and was grateful there were no serious injuries.

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7 thoughts on “Fans Just Want To Cry After Justin & Christina Cancellation

  1. BringMeToLifee says:

    HAHAHAHA How pathetic?! LMAO! this is so funny! hee haw well, your an idiot for driving 6 hrs to see Justin timberlake!!

  2. rachel says:

    ^for once I agree with you Bringmetohell. Why would you drive 6 hrs to see timber*****. I wouldn’t even drive 6 hrs to see Tina or any other artists.

  3. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    we call it obsession,u two. if you are obsessed about someone you may drive one day to c them. but bringmetolife you have no feelings like that so I think you shouldn’t think with your *****in little brain about these feelings. because you will never have!

  4. Stallion says:

    I feel bad for those people who can’t see the concert. They are missing the best concert of the year.

  5. prettyblue says:

    I felt sorry for those people that can’t see the concert!

  6. justanotherbtch says:

    Ooh I’m so glad I already saw all the concerts I was going to see. I would be sad too if they canceled it….. I’m glad no one got seriously hurt thou.

  7. jcsfan88 says:

    it seems that she’s a big fan to drive six hours to see Justin, but she’s not really. she’s more concerned about driving all those hours for nothing than Justin not getting hurt by the accident. so sad.

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