Fans Meet Ricky Martin At Queen’s Jubilee

A fan on the Ricky Martin Boricua Central message boards shared her and friend Cid’s account of meeting Ricky at the Queen’s Jubilee Pop Concert on Monday. RickysFlowerForever posts, “The moment arrived. Ricky walked out of the doors and down the steps and I just stood there and smiled completely bowled over by how wonderful he looked and his eyes were stunning, as always. Cid was taking pictures all the time and we really hope they come out!!! Without hesitation Ricky walked over to me, touched my arm, smiled the biggest smile, looked right into my eyes – his glance never leaving my face (~GULP~) and said ‘Hi love – how ya doing – so nice to see you again’!!!!! (OMG!)”

Ricky Martin Loses Fight To Display American Flag

The Sun reports Ricky Martin nearly refused to appear at the Party At The Palace on Monday because of a fight over flags. Ricky tried to insist the American Stars And Stripes were exhibited along with the British Union Jack but Palace officials stood firm. Ricky, who kicked the show off, initially threw a fit over the move, but later stood down and only the British flag was on show.

Ricky Poses With Mis-Teeq Ahead Of Monday Duet

Ricky Martin posed with Mis-Teeq during a break in their rehearsals for a planned duet to be performed at the Queen’s Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace Monday. That concert is still likely to go on despite the fire at Buckingham Palace that has since been extinguished.

Ricky Martin Gets Tongue-Tied At ALMA Awards

Ricky Martin chatted with Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson after picking up ALMA’s prestigious Vanguard Award on Saturday night. Ricky said of his acceptance speech, “I started to get all tongue-twisted when I was giving my speech. But it’s OK — people understood and they felt it. It was all about emotions. It was a special evening.”

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