Fans To Take A Stand Against Justin Timberlake At CFTC

As fans we may not always get heard but we do have the right to try to make a statement. This is not meant to disrespect anyone; it is only to make our voices heard. If you are a Justin Timberlake fan, wouldn’t you want him to be successful as a solo artist and as a member of *NSYNC, not one over the other? We need to make Justin realize that he should be respectful of his original family, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, and Joey Fatone. They should all realize that with out one another and the success of they wouldn’t be where they are now.

So anyone going to Challenge For The Children Skills and Basketball game, when they announce Justin’s name, don’t clap, don’t boo, but turn your back. This is just to show that we don’t appreciate what he is doing to the people he calls his family. He is turning his back to them, so it is just to show him how it feels when the tables are turned. Everyone that supports and believes in the members of *NSYNC, I hope that you can help send this message and help make a difference in possibly getting the message to Justin at this events and getting back on top where they should be!! Family is first and we just need to help Justin realize that once again.

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