Fans Urge Mandy Jiroux To Help Troubled Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux

Miley Cyrus’ fans are sending messages to a friend of the ‘Hannah Montana’ star hasn’t been seen with a lot lately, Mandy Jiroux of BG5, concerned about the 18-year-old after footage emerged on TMZ of Miley taking a bong hit. Most think Miley needs someone like Mandy in her life right now after her parents split up, and that she shouldn’t be hanging out with Anna Oliver, who was rumored to be the person taking the video of Miley getting high and who many believe sold her out by giving the footage to TMZ for money. Anna also has been catching blame for Demi Lovato’s troubles that sent the Disney star to a treatment facility.

Among the messages sent to Mandy:

Jooyci_: RT @rainbowness please @mandyjiroux , go back to miley . she needs mandy medicine now ):

SweetMiIey: if miley had stayed bestfriends with @mandyjiroux none of this would have happend..

smileyyyyface: Demi and Miley need their ex bestfriends back. @selenagomez @MandyJiroux

MileysSoul: I actually thought @MandyJiroux wasn’t a good friend for Miles.. but ya know what? It changed.. Anna is a bitch. MANDY + MILEY

MeBeSarah: @MandyJiroux Sorry if you don’t want to talk about it, but what do you think about Miley doing drugs? She needs you right now, not Anna.

rafabeltri: @MandyJiroux i’m so thankful for you be a miley friend, she need friends like you, not like anna :@

IntroducimelaNJ: @MandyJiroux please , help Miley . She needs you , Take her away from Anna Oliver , ! PLEASE MANDY

mi_esquierdo: @MandyJiroux u should say somethings to MIley.. we are so desappointed.

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2 thoughts on “Fans Urge Mandy Jiroux To Help Troubled Miley Cyrus

  1. Molly Creaser says:

    Mandy you seriosuly need to get hold of Miley urgently! Please don’t less us down your only last hope if she doesn’t listen GOD HELP THAT GIRL

    You saw what happened to Whitney Houston she died of drugs I hope you don’t want your best friend to be in that matter so Sweet I just suggest you ring her you guys are bestest friends foever! what happened you both like stars all the funny videos such as ” It’s like a tank top ” and m&m cru come on you guys Miley ray cyrus we are truly disappointed in you if you die like Whitney Houston I’m going to shove cannabis and myself, were passionate about you don’t waste your life on Anna don’t be with wrong company.

    ” Nobody can go back and make a great begining but anyone can make a better ending “

  2. Ceriese Jenkins Palmer says:

    Mandy we need your support to drive Miley away from wrong company and drugs, lately she’s gone out of her mind she’s inhaling illegual drugs, come on help us, if you help us you’ll be truly blessed because ” what goes around comes around” every person gets the reward in the end, you will be popualr and when u pass away eveyrobdy would remeber you for such a great moderate person, be like michael jackson he loves his people, if you were her best friend you would help her not reading the comment and doing nothing please mandy please
    Literally all I can say is don’t let me down

    Thank you x

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