Fashion And Music Go Really Well Together For Dev

Dev hair

Vevo Stylized caught up with Dev for a chat about fashion. The 22-year-old talked about how fashion and music go together, expressing yourself through fashion, being into tattoos since she was a kid, how the success of ‘Like a G6’ amped up the pressure for her fashion, always having sunglasses if she’s too lazy to put makeup on, and the looks in her ‘Booty Bounce’, ‘Bass Down Low’ and ‘In de Dark’ music videos.

“Fashion and music actually go really well together,” Dev said. “You know, the Cataracs and I will make a really cool song, here in this studio, and then I’ll literally take about 10 steps over to Lanie, and we’ll come up with some really cool visuals with the song, whether it’s for a performance or a video. I’m a lucky girl. I get to do cool things.”

Watch the feature below.

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