Fausto Sending Angry Letters To Christina & Shelly

Christina Aguilera’s mother Shelly Kearns responded to a fan’s letter to her daughter after being touched and inspired from her song ‘I’m Ok’. Kearns thanked the fan and opened up about the abuse she and Christina suffered at the hand of her ex-husband, Fausto Aguilera. Shelly then revealed for the first time that Fausto is continuing to attack the pair in the form of angry letters. “When you hear her sing about her memory of being thrown up against those stairs at age 4… you can really relate,” Kearns said. “She was thrown across the room trying to protect me, her mouth bloodied because she made too much noise, thrown from bottom to top of a staircase (what she sings about) because she crossed the street once without permission at age 4 1/2 and afterward, he grabbed one of those toy shopping carts and threw it at her, me grabbing him and pulling him away the whole time. And now he’s writing me 5 page letters telling me that WE are, and I quote, ‘filled with evil hatred’ that God cannot love… that we can’t have the love of God in us because he says there is too much evil hatred. Well I for one, don’t hate. I’m scarred. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result, but I’m doing just fine.”

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11 thoughts on “Fausto Sending Angry Letters To Christina & Shelly

  1. babet says:

    I definitely can relate. that’s why Christina appeals to me so much more than other pampered picture perfect family oriented artists…. I’m glad that Christina and her family are doing fine. its nice to see successful people overcome these rough obstacles.

  2. hotstuff says:

    ^^you people are way 2 gullible. I can c rite thru those 2 wh*ores. Shelly was a dumbass in the first place for continuing to b in an abusive relationship. if my husband/boyfriend EVER hit me, I’d kick his balls and get the hell up out of there. But no, Shelly stayed to the point where he apparently began abusing Christina (bullsh**) Anyone who stays in a relationship to the point that it escalates to that level of abuse was a dumba** in the first place. LOL..and honestly, y is a 4 year old kid standing up for her mother. is Shelly that much of a ***** that Christina had to fight her battles for her. that is, IF this even happened, doubtful.

  3. babet says:

    ^ well of course someone like you wouldn’t believe it. you’re too busy admiring Britney’s perfect life. do you really think you can just get up one day…approach this scary violent man and say I want a divorce????? it’s not that easy. you don’t know what you’re talking about. you don’t know what its like to be in this kind of situation. and you don’t know what kind of position Shelly was put in. so you have not place to talk.

  4. hotstuff says:

    ^^LMAO. I think babet is gonna starting hating on Britney because she had a GREAT childhood and Christina didn’t. Don’t hate on those who had an ideal childhood. That they grew up with TWO loving parents who supported her. Answer me this: y didn’t Shelly get a restraining order, call the police, SHOW THEM the bruises and Xtina’s as well. who said she had to approach him, not me, U DID. You are right on one thing, I don’t know what its like to be in this situation but if I was I’m POSITIVE I would have handled it a lot better than those 2 did. Shelly had so many options but instead she decided to take the worst one and endure it, hoping it would stop. LOL…no we know why Christina has an awful personality. her parents screwed her up bad.

  5. babet says:

    How can I phrase this………………….f**k you. I don’t hate Britney because she had a great childhood. Justin had a great childhood and I love him :P well I guess it would be a different situation for you then. you’re not married. you don’t have a child. you don’t live with the same person you committed your life to. do you know how hard it is…to just pluck a child out of the home she’s only known and take her some place and surround her with lawyers and divorces…and police…and whatever. once you get used to the way you’re living…its hard to part from it. Shelly was probably not as strong willed as you claimed to be. she had more to lose……which includes her family….her home….her reputation…… you have a boyfriend…. I think. so you can never be able to put yourself in the kind of situation Shelly was in. being married and then breaking up the family is the toughest thing anyone could do. abuse or no abuse…….. and if she was to get a restraining order….i think it would be kind of funny doing that in the same house as the guy you want to get away from. sneaking away from him is just a big of risk too….especially a violent abusive man like him. there’s a good chance he’ll lose his temper and go after them. but that’s the chance Shelly took when she managed to get away from him. THEN followed the divorce and so on.

  6. hotstuff says:

    and blah blah blah. don’t you think that Christina would have rather been taken out of her home than endure the abuse. I know I would. the lawyers and police are there to help. Shelly’s family, the only thing she would have lost is her husband because they were a family of 4. which is what she was trying to get away from. the judge obviously wouldn’t grant an abusive husband custody of the kids. her reputation? Are you the type of person to care so much about how people perceive u. Who gives a sh** if they talked about her, looked down on her, not like she was doing it to please them. and no I don’t have a b/f. from what I see, that was not a family, well @ least not a very happy one. well if you consider abuse as a form of family loving. so y continue to have your children be a part of it. in time they’ll get over having the police lawyers etc. constantly there. I’d rather have the police on our backs 24/7 than being thrown down the stairs 24/7.

  7. cwaaft says:

    Christina faced two kinds of abuse: the father that threw around a 4 1/5 year old and the mother that kept the daughter in that environment long enough to scar her for life. I don’t really care about women that stay in abusive relationships, that’s their problem. But anyone that keeps a child in that atmosphere is as bad as the abuser.

  8. babet says:

    As a parent….would you really want to put your little infant through all that trauma. hiding it and pretending everything’s normal is usually the more tempting route. and god you make it sound so easy. abuse affects you more mentally than physically. you can’t just snap out of a beating…..go to a judge and do whatever you want. she must have been scared sh**less. lets face it……nobody likes to be around cops. that would make anyone uncomfortable….”24/7″ its a constant reminder that everything in their life is completely screwed up…..more so. nobody likes all this drama in real life……. things like what you talked about takes time. maybe they thought he would ease up…change or something. but now they’re fine..

  9. hotstuff says:

    Ok if were going to keep debating on this, lets b realistic, Christina was not an infant. She was 4 1/2. I’d rather pretend it was ok than giving her nothing at all. if I were a parent, I would have at least given Christina hope, something to look forward to instead of ALWAYS focusing on their hardships. and yeah, its mental too but where there’s a WILL, there’s a way. it takes time I get that, but if you have the determination and ur kids best interest at heart, than you can do anything. Kids give parents amazing will power because that is their reason to live (in this case, they didn’t give Shelly enough of it ) yeah, the cops being there is a constant reminder but so are the bruises, so what would you rather have, Cops or Bruises?

  10. babet says:

    well…..maybe Shelly did take a while to do what’s right. there’s many women like her……….but don’t blame her mistake on a friggin 4 yr old.

  11. hotstuff says:

    my blame is on Shelly. for once, I’m not hating on Christina because she’s actually the innocent party in this. but regardless, I still have no feelings of sympathy for her, I still perceive her the same. like what cwaaft said, anyone who keeps their children in an abusive relationship at this level, is just as bad as the accuser.

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