Fed Up About Kevin Federline

Contributed anonymously:

I am really getting sick of all the jokes about ’ more recent marriage (the one that lasted longer then 2 days). More so, I am sick of everyone calling Kevin Federline trailer trash. That is very disrespectful to call somebody trailer trash for two reasons. One being that you are using a person’s home, who cannot afford better, to hurt someone else. That’s horrible. It is a direct dis to Kevin, but worse it is a dis to the hundreds of thousands of people in this nation that reside in a trailer park. That is like calling someone a food-stamp junkie. It’s just wrong. And two, Kevin has a better life then you. He married Britney Spears….where are you? So no matter how trashy he looks, he still is doing better and is worth more then you. So in my opinion….no one has the right to make fun of him.

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