Fefe Dobson Recording New Material In Los Angeles

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@fefedobson) on Thursday (August 28) while in Los Angeles, where the Canadian singer is working on her third album. Fefe writes:

We have just started tracking drums and they sound crazy ! I am very pleased! The first two songs we’ve been messin with are In Your Touch and Black Haired Boy. I’m pretty sure we’re starting guitars on those babies tomorrow.

The studio I’m recording in is mad chill. Its called Audio Virus X. It has a great vibe and the dude that runs it and shiz is “the man” Ha ! Honestly Dean..you da man!

Oh the other thing that’s great about the studio is…Wii !!!!!! I love bowling!!! I just finally got to the pro level and seriously when that happened for me I was in Wii heaven. I need to be better at getting all strikes so I can whoop some major bum!

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