Feist Interview & Performance On ‘The Colbert Report’

visited ‘The Colbert Report’ the other night, talking with host Stephen Colbert about the outfit she wore for the ‘1234’ video, which she wanted Stephen to wear for his mock presidential run. She also discussed being a dual citizen, which she credited to her iPod commercial, and how she likes to referred to as. Feist then performed an acoustic version of ‘I Feel It All’.

Asked what an indie rocker is, said, “It’s sewn up in my DNA. It’s hard to identify at this point.” As for whether she’s an arena rocker, she said, “I have a tour manager that always warns ahead when we have even a birthday sparkler that we want to do pyrotechnics. He phones ahead to warn the people, thus asking permission.”

Asked how she managed to get dual Canadian/U.S. citizenship, said, “It was part of the iPod deal. They offered me citizenship. That was part of it. I just wanted to skip the green card lottery thing.”

Asked if she should be referred to as Feist, Ms. Feist or Leslie, she responded, “As long as you call me, Stephen Colbert. You can call me anything you want.”

Watch the interview below.

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