Feline Down Perform ‘Sweet’ In Brisbane

Australian electro pop group Feline Down performed ‘Sweet’ live at the Globe in Brisbane. Watch below.

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3 thoughts on “Feline Down Perform ‘Sweet’ In Brisbane

  1. Alex Naghavi says:

    Hey! They’re from Brisbane!!! Cool! I think I’ll have to catch them live next time. Brisbane’s really creating a great music scene! Good stuff. Thanks for posting.

  2. Jessica Steven says:

    Feline Down are an amazing band. I watched them play the other week and its so great to see a band who not only have an amazing sound but know how to put on a rad show. Their catchy tunes and pumping basslines make you wanna dance as soon as you hear them. I can’t wait to see them play again!!

  3. Lindsay Rose says:

    Wow! a polite introduction then BLAMO! POW! WHATCHAA! sound’s awesome.

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