Female Artists Are Jokes

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If you want to dance, you go for Hip Hop, if you want spiritual and contemplative music, you are into classic rock, if you like catchy rhymes and hooky choruses, you go for pop music, and for the rest of you who like comedy, go for one or more of these female popstars:-

1) Madonna –
While Madonna might have outlived the dinosaurs, she is still considerably relevant these days. However, Madonna who is as hypocritical as any of those men in suits that she so detested in much of her centurion years, she is truly hypocrite personified. Madonna did not let her kids watch TV, blaming the world for it’s evil but conveniently forgotten that she spent much of her career in panties and calling it feminism. Now at the age when she has sold her Catholic culture, then briefly a Hindu and Buddhist one, she is relying on Kabbalah. Watch out people, Madonna, once an in your face hoe, then a Holy virgin is officially the biggest hypocrite on a slut-relapse.

2) Mariah Carey
Mariah is not that bad, it’s just that any music (if you can call that music) that she has ever done is a direct refection of what she is. Thought-provoking album titles like “Charmbracelet”, “Rainbow” and “Emancipation of Mimi”, someone please tell her that it’s illegal to act like a 8 year old at this age!! In her defense, she doesn’t really need to produce anything with an ounce of brain in it, since her fans obviously are much dumber creatures than she is. Bravo to the Queen Mariah who presides over a kingdom of fools.

I now salute the world’s biggest fan. yes, you heard me right!! Christina has this eerie and creepy obsession with Britney Spears, which I have no clue why!! From her “Genie in a Bottle” which is “Baby One More Time” in a beach house, to “Dirty” which “I am A slave for you” in a XXX porn joint, Christina can’t obsessing. Do notice the number of times that she brings up Britney in any interviews is far more numerous than the other way around. Did she ask for a truce lately? Christina’s latest album is called, “I ####ing hate you Britney, but i am in love with you.”

4.Britney Spears
Now we move on to who is about the pull a Jessica quite soon. Britney has always openly copied Madonna, Janet and Stevie Nicks. Once cannot decide if she was the confident girl who didn’t give a damn or simply too sloppy to care when she stepped out looking like a trailer trash. But anyhow, Britney will survive, why? Like the rest of them who are all talentless, Britney is exceptionally HOT, and with tunes like Toxic or I am not a girl …., she might have a career.

5) Janet Jackson
I used to love Janet when she was churning out funk like Nasty, jazzy-soul like That’s The Way Love Goes and dance tunes like All For you. But she went and spoil it, by instead of doing a toy for a tot, she did a tit for a tat. Instead of admitting gracefully that it was a mistake, she went on and proclaimed that it was a wardrobe malfunction!!! Funny that the woman could forget putting on her bra but remember to stick a sun around her nipple!!! Well, she is a JACKSON, and what do you expect from a family of freaks anyway.

Don’t kid yourselves! You don’t like them because of their “music” .. you like them because they are good entertainment, sorta like strippers with a cold beer, or a clown who lap dances, or even a prostitute preaching chastity.

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