Female Pop Star Shows Up Drunk To E!

A blind item in Star magazine says, “This grown-up teen pop star showed up for an interview at the E! News Live show blitzed to the gills. No amount of coffee could sober her up as she staggered around the green room, so she was told that the show had ‘technical problems’ and was sent home.”

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7 thoughts on “Female Pop Star Shows Up Drunk To E!

  1. rachel says:

    Haha I love my girl but it must be Christina because she is the only one who has had an interview lately. Sober up chica!!!

  2. Ariel says:

    Nope – they said E! new live, which is the live nightly news program. The only time she was on that was for the tour and that was via satellite so she wasn’t at their studio. It’s someone else.

  3. brownsuga says:

    That’s funny, how come you can never sober up when its really important?

  4. RedHottx-TinaFan says:

    I doubt this is true I wouldn’t believe anything The Star or The Sun say. all it is is a GOSSIP mag. but if it was true it def. wasn’t Christina cause it was a nightly E! and the only time she was on there was with Justin on a light

  5. babet says:

    Britney…. she’s always saying that she’s “all grown up” like 24/7. plus the fact that she has a history of getting drunk and partying and this interview is also a good way to plug in her album.

  6. cwaaft says:

    Yeah, but E! has film of Christina falling down drunk. Christina also did interviews recently for the two hour special that they had on her. I bet it was something for that. Britney hasn’t had any promo yet and definitely not with E for a couple of years.

  7. RedHottx-TinaFan says:

    umm I never saw or heard of Christina falling down on stage that would have been on E! abd I haven’t saw it plus the 2 hr special wasn’t live the show they are talking bout is a new nightly show and the only time Christina was on E! nightly was on satellite with Justin Timberlake

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