Female Pop Stars Get Criticized Way More Than Males

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It is obvious that female pop stars get criticized WAY more for their looks than male stars. However that’s not what this essay is about, it’s about musical criticism that favors yet again the males. It seems that male rock/pop stars can get away with having hardly any vocal ability, while females in most cases will get picked apart if they were off key one night. For example I will take someone like John Mayer. He does have good songs and he is a good guitarist and writer…but his voice isn’t exactly what you’d call very strong vocally. Meanwhile if someone like Christina Aguilera had an off night and sounded off key and “screechy” people will knock her for it. Even though she has a way better voice overall than john Mayer. She also has a stronger voice than , yet in ONE sitting he walked away with 2 Grammys while Christina only got one.

That’s just one example however. It seems that bands such as Yellowcard, Good Charlotte, Green Day who are pop punk, or pop rock. Whatever you’d like to call it…get tons of fans and barely any criticism. They have good songs yes, yet all of the lead singers in those bands have really simple voices. Nothing so outstandingly strong about them. But someone like Avril Lavigne or will get ripped for not having strong voices either. Yet they too are pop rock people. I am talking about VOICES only, not instrument playing or songwriting or images.

This is basically an essay explaining how female artists will get picked apart for not having strong enough voices, or simply having one bad night and their will be no end to the criticism on message boards and stuff. Yet tons male pop stars who are praised for their ability don’t get any criticism for it. Britney Spears gets ragged on for having a bad voice to no end….but there are many male artists who have bad voices as well. But nobody gets more crap than her.

Why do female singers get judged so much more than male ones? I go on a lot of message boards and I will see things like “Beyonce is way more talented than Christina, because she always sounds screechy and over sings” or “Avril cannot sing neither can Michelle Branch or ”…..then a male artists who has barely any vocal ability will never get half the criticism the female ones do. I just think it is unfair that the girls have to get more judgments on looks, their voices and everything in between. Yet their will be this horrible rock band where the lead singer does nothing but scream and is 20 pounds underweight looking like a heroin addict, and they will never hear anything about it.

Even the Beatles. I LOVE them. Their songs are AMAZING to me. But nobody in the Beatles had voices that were very ‘strong’ so to speak. But they are praised for their music, and some female singers with just as much vocal ability will get comments like “they need to take singing lessons because they suck”.

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