Female Pop Stars Try To Ditch Moms To Smoke

Today’s blind item in the Mirror asks, “Which two female pop stars tried desperately to dump their mums at a recent event so they could have a sneaky cigarette? But the mothers thwarted them by not letting the girls out of their sight. That’s pure and simply a bad habit.”

Boy Band Beefcake Giving Underaged Girls STD

July 26, 2002 – Friday’s New York Post blind item asks, “Which boy-band beefcake who’s wooing a heartbroken pop tart has a predilection for pubescent pretties? The singer has bedded a bunch of underage girls, and gave one unlucky lass an uncomfortable sexually transmitted disease.”

Bisexual British Pop Star Hooks Up With Gardener

July 1, 2002 – Monday’s New York Post blind item asks, “Which bisexual British pop star planted more than just flowers with a male gardener during his recent stay at a fellow star’s East Coast mansion? His host promised not to tell his wife.”

Pop Music Diva Expected Free Clothing

July 1, 2002 – A July/August Movieline magazine blind item asks, “That pop music diva loves to shop at every hip sinfully expensive boutique on the map, and she usually has great taste when picking out her items. But when it comes to manners, well, she just doesn’t have any. One afternoon last spring she swooped into New York’s edgiest, most exclusive shop with her entourage and demanded the owners shut down for two hours so she could make her selections without prying eyes on her, The sales people complied and she proceeded to rack up a bill well over $15,000. When the manager asked for the doll’s credit card, the star sniffed and said she thought all the goods were free. ‘Why shouldn’t they be?’ she said, ‘I give your store publicity.’ When the shop owner politely and firmed refused, she threw a hissy fit and was asked, just as politely and firmly, to leave sans the goods – and to never return.”

Green Stuff In The Green Room For Male Singer

July 1, 2002 – Another pop related blind item in the latest Movieline magazine asks, “He has a squeaky clean image as an athletic and energetic hunk. His concerts are vibrant and he always seems alive and alert. But when then international singing sex god meets the press, he’s far more amped up. Whenever he shows up for interviews he’s worn out, boring and, worst of all, so stoned out of his head he can barely answer even the simplest of questions. Word is that he’s always dazed and confused because his best friend is a drug dealer and there’s always plenty of green stuff in the green room.”

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2 thoughts on “Female Pop Stars Try To Ditch Moms To Smoke

  1. mellowyellow says:

    Re: Green Stuff In The Green Room For Male Singer. Definitely Enrique. He always looks kinda out of it. And wasn’t there a story on this website awhile ago about him giving a really weird and confusing answer about whether or not he would ever pose nude or something.

  2. Ravenslea says:

    Sorry guys but you are barking up the wrong tree! This doesn’t sound like Enrique at all. You only have to read/see/hear his interviews to know that he’s definitely NOT boring. He’s always alert and the interviewers often say how good it is to interview him! Just check out a few interviews and you’ll see the truth!!!!

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