Fergie Recounts Crystal Meth Addiction

of the Black Eyed Peas tells Time magazine she had to dig deep into herself to kick her crystal meth addiction. “It was the hardest boyfriend I ever had to break up with,” the singer said. “It’s the drug that’s addicting. But it’s why you start doing it in the first place that’s interesting. A lot of it was being a child actor; I learned to suppress feelings.” When asked what she does now with those feelings, she said, “I have an hour and a half of performing every night and improvising. If there’s a rafter, I can climb right on.”

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One thought on “Fergie Recounts Crystal Meth Addiction

  1. pl says:

    I am so glad she was able to get clean it gives hope to others including myself I know one day my sister will be free of it clutches I just hope that day is not the day she dies.

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