Ferras Congratulates Pal Katy Perry

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@ferrasmusic), where the Los Angeles based pop singer commented on the sudden success enjoyed by his buddy . “I also wanna take this time to congratulate my dear cholita friend Katy Perry on all of her success,” Ferras writes. “The moment I met Katy, I knew she was destined to shine brighter than any star. When I first met Katy, one night she came over to my house and brought her guitar. We ate garlic pistachios (well, Katy ate the whole bag) from the Farmers Market in Santa Barbara and played music. She said, I just wrote this song, ‘Ur So Gay’, here it is. And I was blown away. Love my little Katy. And my bff I share with ms kitty Mr. Markus Molinari (check out his blog www.markusisthedrug.com for all your latest celeb goss) I miss so much. He’s been out on Warped Tour with Katy. We’re partners in crime here in Hollywood and its just not the same without em here. If you haven’t seen the video of him and Katy breaking into my house and stealing my Gucci shoes, YouTube it. Those two. Sheesh. lol”

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