Few Guests On Calvin Harris’ Second Album

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@calvinharris) on Friday (November 28) with a progress report on his second album. The Scottish singer/producer tells readers:

It’s been a good studio week this week, the next album is starting to sound like the best thing you’ve never heard, I’m really looking forward to getting some new songs out… at first I was going to have loads of guests but I’ve now decided against that because people do my head in… there will be a couple of names though, but only when it’s really necessary… (like girl vocals an’ sh**)

By the way sea bass is a hell of a fish, I bake mine for 40 minutes, skin comes right off! easy! Sea bass is EASY!


Oh and I have been off the booze for 3 months now, I am a new man, I suggest everybody give up drinking immediately, it’s no good.

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One thought on “Few Guests On Calvin Harris’ Second Album

  1. dude says:

    congrats on staying off the booze Calvin Harris

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