FHM Chats With Emma Bunton

FHM magazine caught up with Emma Bunton for a Q&A and asked how sharing bathrooms was with four other girls while she was with the Spice Girls. “It was bloody hard,” Baby Spice admitted. “You never got in there if you didn’t push and shove. But the Spice Girls had fun. We’d have pillow fights and do dares. One time in an L.A. hotel, Mel C dared us to streak down the hallway with nothing to cover ourselves but tiny washcloths. We had to run down the corridor, touch the far wall, turn and run back. We almost made it when the elevator doors opened on our floor. There were people in the elevator, but nobody got out. They must have been in shock.”

The full Q&A and pictures at fhmonline.com have since been removed.

Emma Bunton Chats With ‘Access Hollywood’

January 22, 2005 – ‘Access Hollywood’ UK Import Tim Vincent caught up with former Spice Girl Emma Bunton as she attempts to crack the American market releasing her first solo disc ‘Free Me.’ Emma said, “It’s really important for me for people to listen to the album without judging it and think, ‘OK. This is Baby Spice.’ Because obviously in the U.S., they haven’t seen me since the Spice Girls.”

Emma Bunton’s Male Mail Gifts… And Even Paystubs

December 25, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton tells Blender magazine she gets regular gifts from her most devoted male fans in the mail. “I get lots of T-shirts with my picture on the front and ‘I love Emma’ on the back,” Bunton revealed. “Knickers too – sometimes with people’s faces on them. That’s a little freaky. One guy sends me his pay slips. I’m not quite sure why…”

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