Financial Trouble For Britney Spears

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday night, “It’s been reported that is having financial trouble and recently took out a $5 million loan. Yeah. Kevin Federline offered to co-sign the loan and then everyone had a big laugh. They were like, ‘That was good, man. That was funny.'”

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7 thoughts on “Financial Trouble For Britney Spears

  1. popstar says:

    I told you Kevin would spend all of her money.

  2. Hunglo says:


  3. Starlet01 says:

    you just wait, his debut album is gonna blow up! Sell like hot cakes! NOT! LMAO

    Who knows Britney might have to start barrownig money from her loser husband! LMAO

  4. ajbswimmer08 says:

    The source who wrote that was the freakN enquireer! If you guys believe that, you are stupider than you sound!

  5. popstar says:

    *sniff sniff* I smell a newbie’, ‘relax. we’re not serious. we just like to poke fun!

  6. aa_money says:

    Lol! Britney Spears has way too much money to even be close to running out of money. Even if she does have a husband who spends her cash like it came off trees. Right now there just no way for her to loose her whole ***** load of money.

  7. popfan_23 says:

    Actual cash flow is different from how much you’re worth’, ‘when magazines and tv shows say Britney is worth 100 million, they aren’t saying she has 100 million dollars cash, they are including houses, property, the Britney Brand, the Curious fragrance line, etc.. Learn the difference

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