‘Finding t.A.T.u.’ Behind Schedule, But That’s A Good Thing

Tatu’s official web site caught up with ‘Finding t.A.T.u.’ editor Richard Nord for a Q&A, asking the Oscar nominee if the film is on schedule.

“Last time I checked, we weren’t,” he admitted. “But, due to the ambitious nature of this film, that’s not a surprise. We have over 190 Scenes and we’ve been shooting all over Moscow. It’s hard to absorb all the bumps on the road, so we probably are a few days behind. But that in a way is a good thing. That means we are not rushing to a point where we compromise making a good film. Sometimes it takes more time to get things right. It takes a smart director and good producers to realize that. Therefore, it’s better to have a good film that comes in late than a mediocre film that was made on time.”

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