Finding Wisdom In A Christina Aguilera Song

Hesham Hassaballa writes over at alt.muslim: “ has a song entitled, ‘Beautiful’, and very few other songs have shot straight through to my heart. The song brings to the forefront the struggles of being a Muslim in America, especially one who has been born and raised American. Like I said before, ever since I first stepped foot on the school bus at the age of five, I faced dislike for my skin color. The first time I boarded the bus and sat next to another child, he frowned. I had never met him before. Another time, two girls said in unison, ‘I don’t want to sit next to Hesham!’ Yet another time in the first grade – and this I will never forget – one of my schoolmates pushed me, with red-blooded hatred in his voice and eyes, and screamed ‘Go back to your country!’ This is my country.” Read more.

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