First Madonna Photo Post-Accident

smiled for the News of the World camera as they captured the first pictures of her arm in a sling following her riding accident. “While Madonna has put on a brave face, the truth is she has been in a lot of pain,” a source close to the singer said. “She has always controlled every facet of her life. But this accident, on her 47th birthday, has jolted her about her own mortality. That’s why she felt she needed to go to the Kabbalah Centre.”

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5 thoughts on “First Madonna Photo Post-Accident

  1. divinah says:

    thus she should be humble enough not to ride again

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    See, I told you she’d use Kabbalah to try and speed her recovery. Whatever floats your boat! But a faux religion can’t help you heal faster….broken bones take time and MEDICAL ATTENTION!

  3. CosmicSystem says:

    praying and meditating is actually good for the body’, ‘makes your energy flow better, regardless of how “faux” the religion is supposed to be for the blasphemous

  4. EdwardAlex says:

    She looks great even though she is in a track suit. I agree that prayer and spirituality can help guide you from any problem; physical or mental.

  5. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Must not be that bad if she’s already out and about again

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