First Picture Of Javine Hylton & MC Harvey’s Baby Angel

The Sun has a photo of and boyfriend MC Harvey with their newly born daughter Angel, who entered the world two weeks ago after 12 hours of labor, weighing in at a healthy 9lbs. “I was a wild child before and a bit manic,” Hylton tells Hello! magazine. “But the baby has settled me right down. I’ve taken a 180-degree turn in every way. I don’t think I embraced pregnancy as some women do. I hadn’t prepared myself mentally for all the changes. I was a drinker and a smoker, and now I’m not. I put on four stone, so now I have work to do.”

The full article and picture of the family at has since been removed.

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One thought on “First Picture Of Javine Hylton & MC Harvey’s Baby Angel

  1. uhiwrta says:

    i hate javine so much she’s a slag

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