Flat Performance Reveals Kelly Clarkson’s Weaker Points

Kristen Lauerman of The Patriot-News reviewed Kelly Clarkson’s concert at the sold-out Giant Center in Hershey last week, accusing the ‘American Idol’ season one champ of “heavy reliance on back-up tracks.” Lauerman said, “To be fair, on the slower ballads — songs like ‘Because of You’ and the cover ‘Why?’ — when she wasn’t relying on loud backing vocals, her voice was beautiful.”

The article at patriotnews.com has since been removed.

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6 thoughts on “Flat Performance Reveals Kelly Clarkson’s Weaker Points

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    I’ve been saying it forever, Kelly SUCKS live. Her music on CD is great though.

  2. mel_melanie says:

    Kelly is AWESOME live. I went to her Chicago concert back in April. But yeah, She just had two tours right together, it’s hard to keep your voice in good condition for that long of a time. I downloaded audio of her performances for this tour and wow “Why” still gives me goosebumps she sings it with so emotion, it’s amazing.

  3. joshy420 says:

    98% of people SUCK live, its just a fact. everyone relies on pro-tools so much that by the time you hear their voices on a cd, it isn’t even their voices anymore. so when I hear someone on the radio or a cd and think “they sound good” I always have to see them live before I’m really convinced of their talent. even Mariah can suck live so of course Kelly can too! but she is one of the better ones out there today…

  4. SpiceSquirrel says:

    A number of people on this website and others have already stated that Kelly is a major bore in concert. She has no stage presence whatsoever.

  5. Cabati says:

    I saw her live at a free show awhile ago. She really didn’t have any stage presence (although she was pleasant and down to earth). I wasn’t a fan going into it, but she was amazing.

  6. mel_melanie says:

    Yeah you always go by what others say, don’t you?’, YOU have have never been to a Kelly concert. And I bet you have never heard any of her performances, like Live on VH1 or MTV. So EXCACTLY what performances bore you? Or performances that you say she doesn’t sing well in?

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