Flesh Is Worse Than Blood?

Contributed anonymously:

I have heard enough about this Janet Jackson / breast thing. I have heard both sides of this. From people who don’t live in America or do and think it is ridiculous they say that American censorship was crazy before this whole thing, and this just proves it. Or that it was just a breast and there is no one who has not seen a breast before. From those that are against it they say that it was disgusting and that church groups and innocent kids watched it. Well I am not going to comment on who I think is right, because it is a matter of opinion and no one can really be right or wrong. I do have a question though.

How is showing a partially covered breast (a natural part of the body that everyone has, yes even men have them they are just smaller usually depending on if they are fat or not) worse than the violence and aggressive competition of football?

Has it really become worse to see something completely natural and a part of the human body that is often shown than see people ramming each other, tackling each other, seriously injuring each other and seeing the blood and tears of such a violent game?

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One thought on “Flesh Is Worse Than Blood?

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    This was a well written comment. Honestly, I care less about whether or not this whole thing was planned because seriously, there are worse things going on in this world that are more important than something as ridiculous as this. I think so far that it’s really getting out of hand, with people giving Janet a bad name as if she were the one that exposed her own breast (no offense, but I think if anybody should get most of the publicity, it should be Justin since he was the one that exposed her boob…but of course they’re either going to ignore the fact that he was a part of it or make him look as if he is “the man” for being “nasty” with Ms. Jackson). It’s being made into a big deal, and it needs to stop so most of us can move on.

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