Flopbacks Are Common, Comebacks Are Rare

Contributed anonymously:

I got SO sick and tired of everyone using their nicknames for Britney and Christina. Flopney, and Slutina, or Slutney, or Floptina. How lame and undeserving to either of those two girls.

First of all, let’s examine the evidence. is bigger today than she ever was. However, a few years back she released “Irresistible” and it flopped BIG TIME. It didn’t even go Platinum. What happened? She bounced back from her flop status as a bona fide reality TV star, and went on to sell 2.9 Million or so of her almost secondary flop “In This Skin,” which was mostly due to her large reality TV fanbase. But kudos to her, anyway.

Madonna, released “American Life” a few years back, and what happened? You guessed it, she FLOPPED. BIG TIME. People were relentless in their criticism of her, saying things like “It’s about time she hung up her crown and raised her kids, her career is over.” But come late 2005, what happens? Madonna comes back, and stronger than ever. “Hung Up” was a worldwide smash, and “COADF” has gone Platinum locally and multi-platinum internationally and counting. That is success. It should also be noted that her second single was JUST released, so once she’s released her 4th or 5th one, like all these other artists out there, then tally her sales and see what you make of her success.

Mariah Carey. Oh the lovely miss Mariah, who had a quite public breakdown in 2001. I’m sure it didn’t help that her album dropped the same time Sept. 11th occurred. But I digress. Mariah’s “Glitter” soundtrack which I DO include as an album, because more than 10 of the songs are Mariah, FLOPPED BIG TIME. Her movie BOMBED. It didn’t even come near the alleged Britney Spears “flop” “Crossroads.”

But again, come a few years down the road in 2005, and what happens? Mariah comes back, BIGGER than ever. She has multiple #1 hits and extends her already amazing track record for them. This is actually her biggest album ever, and was the biggest album OF 2005. “Mimi” has been critically and commercially received and put Mariah at the top of her form. This is an outstanding achievement in itself.

Let’s get one thing straight, internationally speaking, it’s quite hard to produce an album OR a movie that lucratively speaking, is a flop. If it doesn’t break records here in the U.S., chances are it’ll break some in Bahrain, or Kuwait, or somewhere across the world.

These women should each be celebrated for their successes. They are achieving things we all only live to dream about. They have talents that most of us can’t touch, whether we want to admit it or not.

As for Britney and Christina, NEITHER has experienced anything remotely considered a “flop.” And chances are, if they DO, they will bounce back ten fold after the fact just like the women I talked about above. So cut them some slack, and cheer your favorite on, you don’t have to hate the other person to try and justify why you like each one. They are just human beings, entertaining us as their jobs, and trying to have lives as normal as can be expected. They don’t need people saying nasty things about them and they certainly don’t want their fans being lame and immature. Grow up, and be glad that your favorite musician is even still MAKING records.

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