Floyd: Some Condemn Priscilla Ceballos, But Sympathize With Her Desire

The Dallas Morning News columnist Jacquielynn Floyd weighed in on the controversy Priscilla Ceballos has found herself in after helping her 6-year-old daughter write a phony essay about having a father killed in Iraq to win tickets to see ‘Hannah Montana’ star in concert in New York. “It’s distasteful, but not especially shocking, that a person would resort to gross falsehood for personal gain,” Floyd writes. “People do it every day. But Ms. Ceballos’ subsequent, matter-of-fact explanation that ‘we wrote whatever we could to win’ sets a new benchmark for pure hubris. She comes across as slightly puzzled by all-this-fuss: Who can blame a parent for yearning to deliver something their child holds so dear? That’s the really astonishing part – that a parent would resort to such measures to deliver something as trivial as tickets to see a pop star. Yet there are hints that, while some condemn Ms. Ceballos’ methods, they sympathize with her desire.”

The story at DallasNews.com has since been removed.

Meanwhile, Priscilla Ceballos will be appearing on NBC’s ‘Today’ show on Friday to discuss her actions. A commercial airing on MSNBC suggested she would be explaining her actions, not apologizing for them.

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