Former Ranger Alleges Hotel Room Romps With Clay Aiken

The New York Daily News has details on The National Enquirer’s story that former Army Ranger John Paulus is claiming to have had a motel room romp with ‘American Idol’ season two runner-up Clay Aiken. “Clay told me his ex-lover was selfish and mean,” Paulus revealed. “And within five minutes he started to feel my arms and put his hands on my leg. We started to mess around and Clay said he wanted to have sex with me. Before I knew it, we were having unprotected sex. He kept telling me, ‘We’re going to do this many more times.'”

Has No Long Term Career Plans

December 26, 2005 – Angie Fenton of the Louisville Courier-Journal spoke with Clay for a Q&A and asked the singer how his ‘Joyful Noise Tour’ fits into any long-term career plans he has. “I really don’t want to pigeonhole myself as any one thing,” Aiken said. “I mean, I didn’t expect to be a singer; I expected to be a teacher. I didn’t plan to be a performer and to do something like this for a career. It happened because I was open to it, we got lucky and we worked hard and we had success. I don’t have any five- or 10-year plan because I want to be open to all possibilities. I don’t want to pin myself down. It could all end in two or four or 20 years, but if it does I don’t want to look back and think I should have done something but I didn’t because I was so focused on something else.”

Is Pondering Pop Retirement?

December 26, 2005 – Sean Daly of the St. Petersburg Times caught up with Clay and asked the singer if there’s any chance of a new album in 2006. “I don’t know how long I’ll be doing this whole thing,” he said. “I’m not trying to say I’m planning on quitting, but you know how the business works. I just want to make sure I do everything now that I’ve always wanted to do.”

But alas, there will be a new album in the first half of 2006, though Aiken isn’t sure what will be on the disc. “I don’t want to fall into a formula,” he explained. “A lot of things are so formulaic right now. We’re still trying to figure things out.” Read more.

Clay Aiken’s Show Not Just A Concert, But A Christmas Story

December 15, 2005 – While most of the music on Clay’s current ‘Joyful Noise 2005’ tour is drawn from the pop artist’s 2004 album ‘Merry Christmas with Love’, fans can also expect songs he had recorded that did not make the final album, as well as traditional favorites. These songs will be tied together with a series of vignettes, written by the singer. “I sat down myself one day in my pajamas and wrote a script,” Aiken tells Jade Kelly Solovey of the Hershey Chronicle. “It’s about two people – it’s their Christmas story. One of them is not in the Christmas spirit this year and the other wants to bring her out of that. [The] background singers and myself, we are the guardian angels of this old woman.” Aiken takes his tour to Nashville Friday with a show at the Gaylord Entertainment Center.

The full story at has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Former Ranger Alleges Hotel Room Romps With Clay Aiken

  1. texassoftballchick says:

    Oh wonderful, a gay Christmas story. Just what we need. Clay Aiken is SO over. Unless you are ugly and weigh over 200 pounds.

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    What an idiot. BOTH OF THEM. How could you, in this day and age, openly admit to having unprotected sex with someone you barely know.

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