Four Backstreet Boys Fans Left?

Scott Feschuk of the National Post joked about recent news from the Backstreet Boys camp. First off. he joked, “A car in which Backstreet Boys AJ McLean and Brian Littrell were passengers was involved in a traffic accident last week. The police described it as a ‘very simple fender bender.’ Still, that means McLean and Littrell have now both had a bigger hit than Nick Carter.” He continued, “By the way, four of the five Backstreet Boys are at work on solo albums. In keeping with biblical prophecy, the albums will be entitled War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. Watch for the ensuing tour, coming to an Apocalypse near you.” He wrapped up the attack joking, “Four solo albums? There’s a nice harmony to that. Given the remaining number of Backstreet Boys fans, that means each record will get one solo listener.”

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