Fox Defends Paula Abdul

Fox has issued a statement standing behind Paula Abdul, after the ‘American Idol’ judge appeared on several Fox affiliates touting the network’s flagship show’s season kickoff on Tuesday and appearing to be overly medicated.

“All of us at Fox have tremendous respect and admiration for Paula Abdul,” the statement reads. “She is a consummate professional who always gives 100% to everything she does. Last week, during a satellite press tour there were intermittent technical difficulties, including severe audio issues in which multiple stations were speaking to her at once. Rather than getting angry about these difficulties, or stopping the tour, Paula forged ahead and decided to have fun with the increasingly challenging situation. Unfortunately, because reporters and viewers were unaware of the situation, her humor was misconstrued.”

Paula Abdul Leaks ‘American Idol’ Secret To ‘ET’

January 15, 2007 – Paula Abdul talked with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ about being honored by YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund and also had a secret from the upcoming ‘American Idol’ season six – the show will have a songwriting competition as a component. Abdul again appeared to be overly medicated.

Rep Blames Paula Abdul’s Behavior On Technical Issues

January 13, 2007 – Paula Abdul’s rep tells TMZ that the ‘American Idol’ judge’s bizarre behavior during her interview via satellite with Q13 FOX in Seattle is “much ado about nothing.” He says the station had “technical problems with the satellite and her sound was dropped not once but twice. Paula was in a small room by herself with only a cameraman. Paula was distracted and confused by the station dropping the sound. She did not know what was going on.”

Simon’s Like A Big Brother Or Lover To Paula

January 13, 2007 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “Well, ‘American Idol’ is getting ready to start another season. Paula Abdul told the New York Post this week that Simon Cowell — she owes Simon a lot. That’s what she said. She said there are times when Simon is like a big brother or a lover to her. Big brother or a lover. What part of Kentucky is she from?”

Paula Abdul’s Bizarre Interview With Seattle’s Q13

January 12, 2007 – Paula Abdul appeared via satellite on Q13 Fox in Seattle on Thursday (January 11), promoting the sixth season of ‘American Idol’. Her behavior has many raising their eyebrows, with Abdul appearing out of it on the morning show thanks to perhaps prescription drugs and/or alcohol. With former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham headed to Los Angeles, will her Simon pals Cowell and Fuller may offering her a judging slot if Paula is forced into rehab? Watch the interview at YouTube.

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