Frank Skinner Talks About Britney Appearance

Contributed by britfan:

This is a small extract from Skinner’s 60 second interview with Metro:

What was Britney really like?
“We were really excited but a little apprehensive about Britney because when we were contacted, the papers had been full of stuff about J-Lo and how she needed 16 dressing rooms. Britney had one very ordinary dressing room at the BBC and she arrived with just the three, admittedly very big, people. Her modest rider was ‘could I have some mineral water?’ When we decided to sing ‘I Got You Babe’ she could hardly remember it as she’s only 20. An hour before the show, someone said they were passing her dressing room and they heard her with the CD, practicing over and again. So she scored a lot of brownie points.”

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