Frankee Insists Song Battle With Eamon Is No Stunt

In an interview with The Sun, Frankee denied a rumor that she and Eamon are good buddies who have teamed up to send both their songs to the top of the charts. “We’re obviously not friends,” she insisted. “He goes all over the place saying how much he doesn’t like me! We’ve not seen each other or spoken at all since this whole thing started and I don’t think we ever want to see each other again. But maybe when it all dies down, perhaps 10 years from now, we can be friends.” Frankee also revealed her attraction to star Justin Timberlake. “I go for honest, trustworthy, funny guys,” she said. “Looks aren’t a big deal to me. I’ve always been the sort of girl who dates men who aren’t that attractive. I don’t know why, I’d just rather they be funny than good looking – except for Justin who is both.”

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