Frankie Sandford Takes A Twitter Break Following Abuse Over Rumored Split

has been receiving abuse on her Twitter (@FrankieTheSats), prompting The Saturday’s star to tell her followers:

I’m sorry to say but I’m taking a break from twitter for a while. The abuse following untrue stories is just too much to take.

The comments likely stem from reports that she and Dougie Poynter of have split up, and suggestions from body language from the bassist that he was the one dumped by Frankie. Also contributing to the anger are reports that she exchanged Tweets with notorious womanizer Calum Best. Not helping was a reported confession to Zoo magazine that she been with “less than five” guys, a number teen fans of their boy band hero may consider worthy of attack. Searching @FrankieTheSats with “bitch” “whore” “slut” or “slag” reveals multiple results, predictably all from females.

Frankie later reacted to support she’s since received @TheSats twitter account:

Just looked at all the tweets @thesats and saw so many lovely messages from our fans, thank you for your support Love Frankie xxx

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One thought on “Frankie Sandford Takes A Twitter Break Following Abuse Over Rumored Split

  1. Hellen says:

    Good, she deserved it all. I just wish I knew it was going on at the time because I would have gone out my way to make a twitter account to have my say about her. She is a cold hearted bitch who broke Dougie’s heart and couldn’t give a crap about him. She’s pure evil.

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