Fred Durst Gets Defensive Over Britney Spears Friendship

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst apparently got some heat for his comments on Britney Spears. He writes on his official website on Saturday, “So I have to correct something from my last news post. I meant to say ‘Ian’ from MTV News by the way. And all this stuff about Britney and me is everywhere. It’s like WHOA!! Anybody out there who has a serious problem with my feelings for Britney should just chill and worry about your own feelings for a minute. You can’t help what happens in life because everything happens for a reason. I believe that. I am a good judge of character and so is she. It just happens to be a person that I would have thought could make me feel this way. And believe that I have never felt this way, so there. If you think I’m going soft then you go ahead and think it until we drop this sick fu**ing album in few months. We’ll see what you think then. I am really excited about this album and would not be unless I thought you would be as much as me. Did you understand that? Just remember one thing until then, we’re all very fortunate to be alive and we need to stick together because we’re all we’ve got!! Stay tuned.”

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