Fred Durst Gives The Scoop About Britney Spears

Fred Durst was on the Howard Stern show on Thursday where he opened up about his short relationship with Britney Spears, which she has denied. Here’s what had to say about the situation:

Howard brought up and asked Fred about what happened between them. Fred said they were working on some songs together and he always had a thing for her. He was really into her, but not the songs. He said the songs he wrote for her were good but she just recently said that she didn’t like the songs. Howard asked Fred if it was true that he did what he told Cabbie recently. Fred said he swears on his son that it was true. Howard and Fred went through the story about how he and Britney hooked up to do these three songs he wrote. Howard tried to get as many details as possible out of Fred. Howard said Britney can’t write any of her own songs so she needs Fred to write some stuff for her. Robin asked Fred how Britney dressed for work when they were together. Fred said she wore one of those skirts that hangs low on the hips and her shirt was exposing her belly. Howard told Fred that what he did was just fine and he shouldn’t feel bad about anything he did. Fred said any guy in his position would have done the same thing.

Fred said they worked together for a few days on the songs he wrote. He said he thought that he was doing it for the wrong reasons. He was doing it to get in her pants. Howard asked him what the signal was that made him think she wanted to move ahead with him. Fred said he wrote her a letter to her and she ended up leaving the studio. Fred said the letter was nothing really but she ended up coming back to the studio around 3 in the morning. Fred said the letter was just a cool, sweet thing that he wrote. He said he didn’t remember what it said though. Fred told Howard that Britney was sweet and she sang the songs pretty good. He said when she came back she told him she just wanted to hang out with him. He said she was wearing a see through shirt and didn’t have a bra on. He said she had an entourage with her when she came back but they were pretty cool. After that they went back to Britney’s house and hung out. Howard interrupted that story and asked Fred if he gave Britney any ”nose candy” but Fred said he’s drug free. He said that Britney drinks and smokes but he didn’t see her doing any drugs. Howard said it seems like Britney wants to be a bad girl these days and if she wants to be really bad she should sleep with him. He said Fred is bad but he’s even worse. Howard asked Fred what Britney’s house was like and how he got rid of Britney’s entourage. Fred told Howard that they should probably stop at this point and everyone got upset. Howard said Britney is out badmouthing him and he should tell them everything. Howard said he believes everything Fred is saying so he should let it al out. Britney is apparently denying having sex with Fred. Fred said she’s not the sweet, innocent girl she seems to be. Howard said he bets that Fred banged Britney from behind. Howard thought he saw Fred nod his head but Fred said he didn’t nod.

Howard said that Britney is saying that Fred is making every single thing up and she doesn’t even know her. Howard went on to ask Fred some questions about how they hooked up. He gave some quick answers. Howard asked him if he banged her the first night but Fred didn’t want to answer that.

Crazy Cabbie called in since he was the one who broke the story. Fred told Cabbie off mic that he ate Britney’s bad place. The guys told Fred that it wasn’t a bad thing and he should be proud. Fred said it was good too. Howard asked Fred if Britney had a better body than Carmen Electra. He said she does because he likes a woman to have a little bit of curve and softness. He said Carmen is a little more toned than Britney. He went on to sing some of the lyrics from one of his new songs and he pretty much says he got Britney on the first night. The guys asked him if he used a condom on her but Fred wasn’t giving a straight answer. Fred claims that the relationship went on for a little while and it’s kind of weird that she’s denying it now. He said he talks about this stuff on his web site and it became a big thing there. Fred said that Britney is lying about them not having a relationship and it’s pissing him off. He said it’s enough already. Howard said he loves this stuff though.

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5 thoughts on “Fred Durst Gives The Scoop About Britney Spears

  1. serena zmijani says:


  2. Puka says:

    what an a-hole !!! he shouldn’t talk bout those things, that’s why Britney is denying the whole relationship thing

  3. rachel says:

    This all sounds very immature. people meet and sometimes they hook up. he should respect her trying to keep it quiet if they did have a relationship. He’s a douche and a half

  4. Zoos says:

    I think as a woman, why she avoiding him because it wasn’t a good sex with him which she couldn’t explain. I said this based on my experience with guys :)

  5. silvana burgaj says:

    britney is a superstar

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