Fred Durst Moans Over Failed Britney Spears Romance

Fred Durst is again insisting a romance with did occur in the new issue of GQ magazine. “I fu**ing fell for this girl,” the Limp Bizkit frontman admitted. “I really thought, ‘Wow, I am going to be with someone who’s in the same business, someone who’s going to understand my life.’ I really felt that this was going to be something major. I was open to it because it was so bizarre. I was like, ‘What the fu** am I doing at Britney Spears’ house?’ The first time we kissed, I was going, ‘This is too weird.’ We started hanging out every day. We went out a couple of times to really crowded places – paparazzi places – and I was just going, ‘Wow, everyone is going to know.'”

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10 thoughts on “Fred Durst Moans Over Failed Britney Spears Romance

  1. outrageous4u says:

    God, what a psycho-get over it! just another person who pretends to hate on her but secretly is fixated. Sad really

  2. Fausto-A says:

    Man this fat idiot is really obsessed,,,poor Britney. Even if something did happen between he should be a man about it and not run his mouth to the entire world. Either way he looks pathetic as hell.

  3. grprincess says:

    Whether something happened or not -he needs to get over it already. Talk about bitter.

  4. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    LMAO Go Fred. Destroy that lying bitch. tell the whole world how stupid and horny that slut is. Illustrate to us how she sucked your private part and if she swallowed or not. DESTROY HER!

  5. mitzim says:

    Okay, I’m probably the biggest X-Tina fan on popdirt but Xtina-Dirrty you’re Britney bashing comments really aren’t necessary. I’ll be the first one to say Britney can’t sing but I sure she probably a nice girl. Fred Durst is like the world’s biggest loser! He should get over it and stop stalking her.

  6. dyin2bfamous says:

    What happened to Thora Birch? He said that he was going to practice Kabbalah because of his depression. He wanted something to help him cope and Scientology didn’t help. He was saying something about if he had someone to love, then he wouldn’t be depressed. So again, what happened with Thora?

  7. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Glad to see all you Britney fans getting piss off by Fred’s remarks. You call him a “loser” yet he has the ability to upset you all. GO FRED, DESTROY THE SLUT AND HER MOTHER PLEASE! GO GO GO!

  8. CARPEDIEM says:

    Although, there current CD sucks. Fred needs to let this go. Did something really happen between them, I think so but this is just ridiculous. He’s becoming a joke.

  9. MusicFreak8181 says:

    Fred Durst needs to shut the hell up. I’m not a big Britney fan, but seriously, this guy is pathetic. Get over it, you actually thought you had something serious? I lost all respect I had for Fred a while ago, what a fool.

  10. BritneyFreak86 says:

    ::rolls eyes:: He seriously needs to get a life. He’s such a loser. I admit…I have a few CD’s but he freaking took that sh*t a little TOO far. Fred… Halle is a better bet for you man. Stick with her.

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