Fred Durst On The Attack At London Show reports that Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst again lashed out at rumored ex- at a concert in London on Saturday night. Before ‘Break Stuff’, Durst asked the crowd, “How many people out there have had one of those fu**ed up days?” He then said, “I can remember quite a few fu**ed up days just recently and I think I spent those days with that fu**ing bitch Britney Spears.” Durst also lashed out at departed guitarist Wes Borland, saying he had acted “like a fu**ing moron” by leaving the band.

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11 thoughts on “Fred Durst On The Attack At London Show

  1. justanotherbtch says:

    Fred and Britney are both idiots with no talent.

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I’m not saying whether or not I think they did or didn’t, but my god Fred, give it a rest already…… I know he’s just helping boost HER name again, but there are SOME of us out here, like the majority, who never want to hear it again!! (her name that is) Get over it and move on!! If they had sex, then he has the right to be pissed since she has totally denounced him on live tv….. If they didn’t, he’s just making himself out to be pathetic……

  3. sexyxtina25 says:

    I don’t think Fred needs bimbo Britney to sell CDs he does just fine by himself and plus he said that at a rock concert so you already know they were clapping and cheering when he called Britney that cause rockers don’t like Britney. lmao

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Limp Bizkit has something Britney only WISHES she had…..Longevity!! I know many people don’t like Limp now a days…they think they sold out!! But seriously, there are still a TON of fans out there who don’t give two *****s about it…we still like the group! Britney, on the other hand, yeah, there are still a few hard core Ruben’s of the world who still think that she can do no wrong and that everything she does is original and that everything she does is done tastefully….. But seriously, between “Oops and Britney (the album), she lost SO MANY fans to maturity… So many people moved on between those two albums….moved on to music with some depth…moved on to artists with something positive to say…. That was a span of only 18 months or so…. We’re looking at about 2 years difference here…… I don’t see her doing much from this point on, but I DO see limp continuing to go places.

    I think Fred has talent….but his talent is overshadowed by his attitude, which isn’t always the greatest in the world! but I’d put Timberlake in the same category as Britney anyday……i dislike them both!

  5. GymnastDude182 says:

    yeah right, they so didn’t have sex…Britney Spears isn’t in to the whole trailer trash kinda thing.

  6. MariahsMan says:

    Fred Durst has become somewhat of a prick lately. Did anyone notice that at the VMAs, when he was walking down the runway type thing to present an award, the fans in the pit were reaching out their hands and stuff and he was purposely avoiding them. Who does that?? That was almost as bad as Justin running up on stage without acknowledging the Olsen twins or David Spade. One word…UNGRATEFUL.

  7. hotstuff says:

    lmao…that really hurts when you idolize Queen Nasty McFilthy herself. the wannabe black/Latina whore apparently slept with every guy on her street by the time she was 17, if that’s not trailer trash, than I dunno what is.

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Did Christina actually admit this little “factoid” about herself, or is it hearsay? Cause if I believed everything I heard about Queen Sleazy Spears, I’d have to point out that she used to go to hometown parties and at one time had had sex with over half the guys in Kentwood. I mean, from what I’ve heard from someone who actually KNEW her when, Justin was by FAR the first and most definitely not the only…… I mean, I actually heard from this Kentwood native that she used to please 2 or 3 guys a night……. so what the hell are YOU saying? I mean, I trust my source…..who’s yours?

    or LAST year when Avril ripped the trophy out of Kelly Clarkson’s hand and was a total ***** to everyone on that stage.

  9. ballersfantasy says:

    ^Ya, I saw that. God, Fred reminds me of my ex-boyfriend, always claiming we’re together when we’re not and never keeping my name out of his mouth. I’m sure Britney is sick and tired of Fred claiming this bulls*it. He needs to get a life and a girlfriend so he can quit acting like a lil’ b*tch.

  10. shadybaby says:

    Fred just needs to shut the f!ck up.If he keeps it up then he’ll be known as ‘the guy who doesn’t like Britney’ instead of his music.My advice to Fred is to move on and find a girlfriend who is easy.

  11. sexyxtina25 says:

    y’all ugly people need to lay off Fred if bimbo Britney wasn’t such a liar and would just admit that she she did something with him then he wouldn’t have her name in his mouth.

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