Fred Durst Reacts To Britney Spears Dating Hype

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst added fuel to the flame he apparently is trying to burn out — concerning his dating of Britney Spears — even hinting that he is in love with the pop tart. Durst blasted:

Well I’m sure we’ve had it up to our necks with all the hype. isn’t it amazing how something very simple, pure, sweet, and innocent can be blown so far out of proportion?

Who really gives a sh** that I wanna be with Britney Spears? It seems as if everyone does. The only person that should give a sh** is Britney. I never meant to be in this situation. Sh** happens. What’s the big deal? Yeah, she is a big POP star and her last relationship with another big POP star was a big deal, but damn y’all need to chill. Do you think I should not like someone because you don’t want me too? Fu** that!! You people are my family and I respect you and as you should me. I never meant to fall into all of this. All the media is doing is trying to create a lot of controversy. To them it’s just more interesting to make up lies and crazy dramatic sh**. I’ve heard and seen some unbelievable things since I’ve been liking her. Now all the media has done is twisted the whole thing around and made other people come back running. And I assure you that anything besides that fact that I definitely have feelings for Britney isn’t true. It is simple, honest, and pure. That’s that. I feel bad for Britney having to have her life put on blast and manipulated by the media like this. Now I’ve been brought into it. I don’t give a fu** about anything anyone thinks and definitely the media. Let’s just drop this right here in the Bizkit camp. Let’s move on. I’m dropping a sick and heavy album in a couple months and we don’t need to be wasting our time worrying about some birds and bees sh**!! Next time I’ll fall in love with a tree. I hope all the haters are lined up when this album drops because its gonna knock ’em all down with a domino
effect. Please believe. Oh yeah, kiss my ass and I love you.

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