Fred Durst Says He’s On Christina Aguilera Album

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live to talk about the band’s new album, which he hopes to release sometime next spring and will likely be titled ‘Less is More’. Fred says they weren’t able to find a replacement for departed guitarist Wes Borland, so he does some of the guitar work, along with some all-star guest guitarists. Fred says he’s on the intro to Christina Aguilera’s new album ‘Stripped’, which he says is Aguilera “sorta just recollecting you know all the drama from the past and obviously me and her had some drama so my name is this there and my voice is in there.” Durst talked about Christina’s nice ass and wanting to “make some babies” with the singer. Read on for a rough transcript.

Quddus: Call in and get your votes in wha’ssup, dude?


Fred: Wha’ssup, dude.

Quddus: Wha’ssup, man what are you doin’ in new york, man?

Fred: Oh hello, hello, hello, hello.

Quddus: This is a pleasant surprise.

Fred: Just here in new york writin’ some lyrics.

Quddus: Okay, cool for your new limp biz sit record.

Fred: We already wrote like 32 songs and I’m cruisin’ around with the
instrumentals trying to write the vocals.

Quddus: Did you ever find somebody to replace wes i know last time you
were we talked about nation-wide search you did have luck.

Fred: We didn’t find anybody so i went picked up the guitar myself and
wrote the album myself with the rest of the band. We have a few different
guitar players that will play like pace from hellman and [Inaudible] Korn
and I’m d doin’ the vocals right now. It is interesting but really.

Quddus: Comin’ together nicely.

Fred: Yeah. I think the title of the record is called “less is more”.

Quddus: We’ll talk about it a bit more we’re gettin’ into your boy’s
video right now.


Quddus: It is a wanna-be “she hates me” from puddle of mudd


Quddus: That’s a wanna-be puddle of mudd “she hates me” with our surprise
guest today fred durst good to see you man


Quddus: Trl hasn’t been the same without you and the limp bizkit boys
when can we get a new video from you?

Fred: I think we’ll drop it right after christmas you know like sometime
in the spring. That’s gonna be a good time. I spring-time is a good time
for new albums and girls a everythi,us —

Quddus: A new season for sure. What is the album gonna sound like?

Fred: Uhm, know, it’s a little bit, i think it’s a lot more in tour,
a little more musical, it’s a little more — a little more heavy where
it used to be heavy, a little more melodicis why it used to be melodic,
but definitely will be surprised action jumpin’ ship but a lot more gettin’
on board.

Quddus: About to the christina aguilera video.

Fred: Oooh, man she is so fine. I can’t it. N’tealize her that good.

[Transcript skipped this part]


Quddus: There goes christina all “dirrty” at 3. She was 2 yesterday.
You are on her record; right?

Fred: Uhm, yeah I’m in the intro of it, yeah.

Quddus: What — what’s it gone in sound like.

Fred: She sorta just recollecting you know all the drama from the past
and obviously me and her had some drama so my name is this there and my
voice is in there she called and asked if she could use it and i said no problem.

Quddus: There’s no bad blood there.

Fred: Bad blood? I think we need to make some good blood.

Quddus: Make some babies.

Fred: Make some babies.

Quddus: All right, man. Dude thanks so much for comin’ by good seein’
you here.

Fred: Hey, man god bless everybody.

Quddus: Stop by when the record comes together.

Fred: Thank you.

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