Fred Figglehorn ‘Christmas Is Creepy’ Video

Fred Figglehorn

YouTube sensation has released a new video for the song ‘Christmas is Creepy’, featured on his holiday EP ‘It’s Hackin’ Christmas’. The video combines live action, CGI, animation, and stop-motion to illustrate that popular Christmas stories are actually a little weird when it’s all said and done – Santa sneaking into houses, snowmen coming to life, flying reindeer, and mythical creatures.

‘Christmas is Creepy’ follows ‘Christmas Cash’ as the second single off ‘It’s Hackin’ Christmas’, available now for download on iTunes and for purchase from and Justice stores. Watch the video below the cut.

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7 thoughts on “Fred Figglehorn ‘Christmas Is Creepy’ Video

  1. reanna roberts says:

    i love this song it is so true about Santa coming into my house because he would be a stalker

  2. joslyn! says:

    I heard this on radio Disney so I looked it up I knew I was by Fred!!! I love this song and Fred

  3. joslyn! says:

    i have the original Fred shirt and the hey its Fred one!!

    P.S.Fred ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. joslyn! says:

    webkinz and Fred are my 2 favorite things I wanna run is my favorite webkinz song and Christmas is creepy is my Fred favorite song!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Fred and webkinz!!!!

  5. utech says:

    I’m sorry, but this guy is so annoying. You’d think this altered voice thing would get old after 2 minutes but he seems to be milking it quite well.

  6. talaya says:

    Fred is hilarious just like my brother but Fred is funnier

  7. Olivia says:

    Fred ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘Christmas Is Creepy’ is soooooooooooo funnny and weird.

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