Free D&G Shopping Spree For Posh

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham visited designer store Dolce & Gabbana and stocked up on masses of clothes for forthcoming TV appearances… all for free. “She was with her management team looking for outfits and it didn’t cost her a penny,” a source told The Mirror. A Dolce & Gabbana spokesman said: “She’s a good customer, we can’t comment further.”

Posh Spice: Somebody’s Got Something In For Me

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham claims she receives negative media coverage because of a conspiracy of spiteful people unhappy at her success. “Somebody’s got something in for me,” she said in an interview with i-D magazine. “I don’t know who it is and why it is, but it’s true.” Speaking about her controlling image she went on: “I don’t put up with that sh**, basically. That’s it. You have to bear in mind that in Britain good businessmen are seen as good businessmen and good businesswomen are seen as bitches.”

Victoria Beckham Gives Damon Dash The Brush-Off

The Evening Standard reports as former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham paraded items from Damon Dash’s Roca Wear clothes label at Selfridges in London, the rapper tried to get in on the act only to get the brush-off by Posh.

“Everyone had been kept waiting 50 minutes and the photographers were already getting quite irritable,” a source said. “Damon Dash talked about how wonderful he was before introducing Victoria. She then walked on, stood there for about 30 seconds and walked off. The funniest moment was when Dash tried to go and stand next to her and she pushed him away as if to say, ‘This is my gig so clear off”.”

Posh Sends PR People Headline Hunting

According to, Victoria Beckham rings her PR people every morning, demanding a list of every mention of her in that day’s press, and a list of everything she’s getting in the next day. The former Spice Girl very aggressive to the girls in the office, but very nice to the men.

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