Frenchie Booted From American Idol

USA Today reports ‘American Idol 2’ semifinalist Frenchie Davis has been eliminated from Fox’s talent competition after the singing hopeful acknowledged she worked for an porn site four years ago. The network says Davis will be replaced on a show that airs February 25th. But co-producer 19 Entertainment, which signs Idol winners to recording contracts, says it will “endeavor to do all in its power to help Frenchie further her music career.”

Mandy Gives Thumbs Up To ‘American Idol’

February 9, 2003 – Count Mandy Moore as a big fan of ‘American Idol 2’, despite not watching the first season. “Oh my goodness! I simply can’t can’t get enough American Idol,” Mandy enthused on her official forum yesterday. “I never watched last season, but I’m totally there this year. Well hafta see what happens.”

Mandy Moore ‘Fans’ Sink To New Low

February 9, 2003 – The cruel comments from Mandy fans on her official site continued this weekend with a “fan” — who has over 4,000 posts on the forum — stating: “Mandy, now that your music career is dwindling, your movie career failed to make the big splash as you hoped for, and with your ignorance and inconsiderate words have alienated some of your more hardcore fans. Do you have any plans on leaving the spotlight behind and go make something of yourself and start higher education, so you can actually make useful of yourself?” Mandy responded, “How can people say such hateful things? What does that accomplish? How does it make you feel? Although some of you assume I think so highly of myself… believe me: words hurt. I never meant to anger anyone and hurt anyone’s feelings…. Especially people that work hard on this board like Ms. Angela. I’ve simply read too many posts like this, Ben, that make me want to tell my side of the story.”

Mandy Moore Gives Update On New Album

February 7, 2003 – Mandy responded to a fan’s inquiry about the status of her new album. Mandy said, “Hmmm lucky I was lurking ’round here to find just the question I wanted to address… I’m sure by now you all have heard about the ‘concept’ of the new album. In my opinion… It’s very exciting and I don’t regard it as a ‘mistake’ as some of you have referred to it as. Believe me, it was a very thought-out idea and eventually choice. I’m sure many of the songs we have recorded, some/most of you haven’t heard of before. anywho… We have 9 songs done at this time. I’ve been in the studio for the past 6 days and done 1, sometimes 2 songs a day. One Cat Steven’s song was done in 40 minutes… Hehe. I LOVE the way the record sounds at this point… Fluid, yet every song has a different and concise direction… Jazzy, acoustic, 70’s funk, etc… Can’t wait to get you some samples. until then…. We’ll see ya.”

Mandy Moore ‘Fans’ Are Making Her Depressed

February 7, 2003 – Mandy fans are continuing their put-downs of the singer on her own official website, the latest example is criticism over her planned album of covers, and a perception that she’s mailing in her musical career to instead focus on acting. Mandy says, “I’m sorry that being ‘fan’ of mine is so depressing. Quite frankly, I’m getting depressed by reading post after post addressed to me in this manner. I’ve felt over that past few months, people on this site have been so against me. Sure, I haven’t been in the limelight for the last couple of months… Most of that has been intentional (taking a break/vacation and working too). I can’t help it if the only thing people have to chat about (right now at least) are me and Andy. That’s absolutely a HUGE part of my life, but so is my job. I would never neglect something that fulfills me so. Please don’t ever second-guess me in that sense.” Mandy also addressed the lack of support she’s been getting from her record label, Sony Music.

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